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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 10pm  CW  November 16, 2011 10:00pm-10:30pm PST

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that the hospital denies. nine more reasons students say they have to occupy their campuses. what pushed them to do their own shoving, and take a stand. "gunfire" the four -year-old dead after scheduled surgery. but his family says happened at the hospital is denying. >> and nine movies and students say they have to occupy their campuses. but is pushing them to do their own shoving and take his stand. >> we all know about the secret service that protects the president do something tonight you might not know about the group that protects the white house. meet the uniformed division. >> in the sky on the busy pizza place. but the extraordinary steps he took to bother us on and become the single dad. >> good evening. i'm dana king. >> that i'm 10 best either. >> it went to the dentist to
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have some teeth pulled the four -year-old didn't survive. juliette goodrich on what doctors think me applicable in the little boy's death. >> he was just smiling, he was happy because the medicine had kicked in. >> camelot would like to know why her grandson died after dental operation at children's hospital in oakland. he was getting teeth extracted and others cap. he went into cardiac arrest shortly after the procedure. >> he unfortunately did not make it. >> jermaine previously had open heart surgeries and the pacemaker. his grandmother said jermaine's heart condition that he could not be given gas as an anesthetic but she said under the hospital says that's just what remained was given in
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addition, to an anesthetic by mouth. >> but i heard her say, when he got back there they gave him gas also. >> is vital signs were excellent, the carbon dioxide coming out of him during the procedure was normal and excellent. >> the hospital's vice president says jermaine was not given too much anesthesia. but the doctor also says he doesn't know what kind of amnesty for the boy received. >> i don't know the details, i'm not an anesthesiologist. >> of the left open the possibility that jermaine partition played no role in his death, jermaine's family is doubtful. the dental surgery was to prevent any oral infection from getting into the boy's blistering and affecting his heart but instead something happened that ended his life. >> the doctor even checked his pacemaker in his heart, he had no liquid workboots.
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nothing was wrong with him. >> no official cause of death has been determined, and right now the hospital is conducting its own internal investigation to figure out exactly what went wrong. >> hopefully you will have some outlook on this. police have released the sketch this weekend. detectives say this weekend, he's been described as the hispanic male about 5-foot seven, 45 years old with slick backed hair. the essay he fled the scene driving that dark brown 1980 space-bar like and with flaking paint. tuition for the california state university systems going up another 9%. trustees approved that today as demonstrators fighting increase battled with police. elizabeth cook is at sonoma state with how students say they will be hurt.
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>> dressed in riot gear and armed with batons, please battle with protesters. one officer was sent to the hospital. more protesters were arrested, three fm pst students. walk asu continued outdoors, they would generate $138 million. at sonoma state tonight, minnesota is camping out on stevenson long all-night protest the hike. >> it's kind of just to show administration and everyone else that we are not going to sit back and let it happen, that we actually care. >> next year basic tuition will be $5990. at the mandatory fee and the price of stands at $7017. the three-time would it cost 10 years ago. marissa says she will need to work three part-time jobs to pay for school next year and
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she might even have to drop out completely. >> education is it right, not at privilege. >> students here are also protesting the 16 minute cap on classes, which means that next year when they are registering for classes that will only be able to register for our maximum of 16 units which means it could take a while longer for me to graduate. >> that means more money for the university and long run if they can't get done in four years. >> absolutely. >> well, it's now looking like california is facing $13 billion shortfall, and based on the budget deal cut last year that would trigger automatic spending cuts. among them, $100 million each to the university of california and cal state systems increasing tuition as we have just seen. as $200 million from social
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services and public k-12 schools may have their school year cut by seven days. education advocates say that schools that are not prepared by the budget cuts will fuel the state budget crisis. >> if the school goes bankrupt, the state of california is on the board bailing them out. >> another report on the state finances is due out next month and on top of that state leaders will decide which report is the best and most accurate. >> occupies protesters at cal city will be most likely rated by police tonight. they returned after they were forcibly removed last week and police have announced several times that it's against university policy and against the law to allow camping on university property. police say that they had given the verbal warning and hopes the campers will pack up and leave on their own.
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there are about two dozen tents set up right now on the steps of sproul hall. meanwhile in san francisco, occupiers took their protest from the streets straight to the banks. one of the chance they had intended the bank of america, about 200 people stormed in and stood on chairs and desks. they honk their horns and set up the tent in the building. police arrested 95 people. >> meanwhile early this morning, san francisco police dismantle the small occupied encampment in the financial district. they took down 15 tents that have spilled over from the main camp. officers arrested seven people in america can be said today he expects "dramatic changes at the main camp soon" but he would not elaborate what that means.
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>> the uc berkeley student shot and killed buy police showed signs of trouble according to investigators. 32 -year-old christopher travis was an undergrad student transferring from any college infringement. officers responded to the computer lab yesterday after coworker saw the gunman traverses backpack. officers fired at travis after he refused to drop the gun. his uncle believed the police were too quick to react. >> i could see him reaching in the bag and grabbing at the handle and going like that and i could just see him doing that and not even thinking. >> witnesses say they saw travis acting strangely in the last few weeks. surveillance video of the incident has been handed over for the investigation. >> is the local man wanted by the fbi were to be space-bar
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maintenance, and tonight for the first time in years that bad to say they are onto his trail. daniel andreasen san diego was spotted by the viewer of america's most wanted who tipped off the fbi saying he might be in northampton massachusetts. the 33 -year-old has been on the run since 2003 after allegedly bombing taiwan and check the corporations. they say this is one of their best to leave yet. >> we are following up on what was assessed to be of credible lead. he could be in the northampton massachusetts area, so who are focusing our efforts on this area right now. >> san diego was the first domestic terrorists place. san diego grew up in san rafael before moving to sonoma county. as of $250,000 reward for his arrest. >> is processed, loaded with preservatives and stuffed into
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what they tube or it can end out federal lawmakers want to call it in vegetable. bureaucratic efforts to make people healthier on paper. >> and there is the new kid on the block and it does something that apple does not. but make schools answer to the itunes store release to stand out quite. >> they made it into the low 70s today that that's the thing of the past. multiple systems heading this way but the rain begins with the pinpoint forecasts. >> this bay area businessman never found misses right so he did what many women do. the extraordinary steps he took to bother it son. , coming up next.
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the right woman. so he thought, why not do what many single women do? linda yee >> what was the guy supposed to do what he wanted his own debut but never found the right woman so he thought, why not do what many single women do? wendy shows us what was that the will and in need, he found away to the attack. >> is impossibly cute but even more extraordinary is how eight -month-old came to be. his dad runs the popular pizza parlor in san francisco. he is confirmed bachelor with no plans to marry but he really wanted it done. so he looked for parenthood and eight petri dish. he needed to women, one for her eggs in one to carry the baby. >> this was hard at the
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beginning because i wasn't internet savvy but once i got the grip i was so determined, like horse with blinders at the kentucky derby. >> if the complex way to make it easy but it happens more often and statistics are way up. >> eggs have gone for maybe five or 10% per cycle to 60 or 70%. >> the key is big good egg. >> they could be pretty, but they could also be crazy too. so, when i ask you questions, what were her sleep patterns or local issue like when she was the baby, as much information as you can get. >> you were designing your son. >> i wish it were the happiest and healthiest kid. >> is there ever any emotional attachment to this child quite. >> there wasn't any reason or
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regret or any animosity there. it is pure happiness that goes to him and this child and i could not be happier. >> at his spurned and attest to the end santino was almost here. he found dusty kinney of los los angeles to carry his child. having santino this way wasn't cheap, $135,000. >> why is it so expensive that. >> the biggest expense is the carrier. the daughter gets paid, there is an agency and they have it be and we have our own professional fee. >> ndp even more to make sure his baby would be boy. scientific advances now make that possible. >> $10,000 more. >> and if i looked at the cost, the greek wedding, the big diamond ring and god only knows
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what else, so i'm ahead of the game right now. santino's family includes the customers of his dad's pizza parlor. deborah isn't shy about telling everyone how santino's life began. he cannot wait to let santino know. >> i wanted to know everything. but he is really well-adjusted. he's an old soul. >> dino isn't sure if he will have another baby that there is another embryo grows and just in case. >> most people would probably call it junk food but according to some members of congress, pizza is vegetable now. there is the new law that allows pizza to be considered
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to vegetable. but while some may balk at that, health experts say the nutrition is there. >> i don't carry that the canned tomato, frozen tomato or fresh tomato, it still considered disturbing. >> people would have one vegetable serving as long as it has 2 tablespoons of tomato sauce. it should be noted that tomatoes are technically hurt. the obama administration wanted to limit tomato paste and starchy foods in schools but the members of congress said it would impose the burden on cash- strapped school districts. >> i like tomatoes on my burrito, so does that make it it vegetable quex. >> gas. tomatoes on hotdogs quick. >> yes. >> we do have multiple series of systems living in our way.
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this is our live by their camera looking out towards the bay bridge. we have temperatures dipping into the low 50's except santa rosa, partly cloudy skies at 45 degrees. we will see the various apache fog tonight and then we will see our temperatures dip pretty much into the port is what they call void. tomorrow increasing cloud cover with light rain showers developing north of the golden gate bridge. 57 incentives go down from 62 today. overnight, 40, santa rosa, 49 and san francisco. say goodbye to temperatures in the 70s. this first system upstream will bring us light rain showers, carping the past for yet another couple storms heading this way. the future cast, here you have it for thursday. you start out with sun and clouds have been hit and miss waves of light rain showers.
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so for the most part the clouds get up, carry the kabbalah ought to be on the safe side. outside will be 55 degrees, 64 in santa rosa and you will see the raindrops first at the system goes from the north to the south. extended forecast calls for about according to brain-dead attendant said and done on friday night and the lingering showers early saturday as possible but his second system saturday night tapering off by midday sunday and more potent system on saturday as people get ready to head out for that holiday. >> another early night in the battle of the tech giants emerged today. google unveiled its answer to apple's itunes store. google music went online to the public today, they can use it to store, stream or even share music with their friend. puzzle the accessible to computers, tablets, android
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smartphones, and the google plugs network. apple itunes does not allow users to share music for free. >> well, special agents with slightly different agenda. the crew that protect the white house trains for the unexpected.
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court tomorrow. >> at 21 -year-old arrested for shooting an assault rifle at the white house is expected to be in court tomorrow. >> federal agents arrested ortega hernando at the hotel this morning. they say the idaho man has an obsession with obama and has compared him to the antichrist. secret service agents found two bullets including one who stuck stock via bulletproof window. >> and now we are taking the look of the people who responded to that crime. the ub team that protect the white house. >> when you think of the secret service probably think of it
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plainclothes agents who surround the presidents. but it's another branch called the uniform division of the charge of securing the white house. is the lead voice of 1400 officers has jurisdiction within the white house gates and beyond. >> the uniform division has very broad arrest powers. we can arrest or local taxes as low as federal offenses. >> scott is an instructor at the secret service training center outside washington. we were given or access to the 550 wooded facility. it features the mockup of marine one and air force one, the street that would be the envy of any hollywood director used for simulations of high-intensity scenario. >> we want them to just be able to react. >> within 60,000 applied to join last year, for just 200
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were chosen. >> did you think it was easier or harder quick. >> while it was difficult training. >> recruit tim connolly made this year's cut, the former marine who served two tours in iraq. >> while, the marine corps, we are assaulting the enemy and locating and trying to eliminate, so that they have had to focus on in particular, may be more than people, drawing back and not just rushing through. >> in this, connolly found himself outnumbered and outgunned. >> well, you could be bored and find this is an easy job two suddenly do have gunmen taking shots at you, you have to be on your game for moment number one. you can have first day jitters or anything like that because that could be that it is something something bad happens. >> the worst happened on november first 1950 when an
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officer was shot to death protecting president truman. he sacrificed his remember these year in the predawn ceremony just steps from the white house. >> the votes are in for baseball's management of the year and tiger woods is to face with his former caddie. we will show you what happened next.
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where comedian bob sarlatte takes center stage. he starts by d >> the big game is saturday once and for the host cow. the part of the buildup is the launch where comedian bob starr lott takes center stage. he starts by describing the
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cardinal offense. >> this team has scored more times but will chamberlain, charlie sheen and the prime minister of italy combined. there is an also great underrated pasadena as well be featuring two players raised by the same data, that maynard and king and alan, the most feared the blend of tax-and-spend and mendes brothers, ladies and gentlemen. [laughter] >> so now we are sensitive, great. love the. >> and tiger woods competing against his former teammate, they tied the record for the worst loss in presidents cup history. they lost seven and six. scott and kj choi not making the single birdie. usf women hosting with no answer, gained 36 and us have
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lost 82-36, and you will never believe what he was doing when he found out he won that award. the answer is coming up next.
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